“15 to 20 minutes of unprotected sun exposure,
without skin reddening or burning, per day should
be sufficient for most people to produce the required
vitamin D levels. Most healthy diets contain vitamin
D, but where appropriate levels can be increased
by supplements or a diet containing vitamin D rich
foods, e.g. Fish & Milk”

Professor Andrew Wright, Consultant Dermatologist,
Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Understanding UV Radiation

The UV Index

Skcin work with the MET Office who provide a
forecast of solar UV radiation (strength of the
sun’s rays) on a daily basis.

It is important for employers and employees to
check UV levels for their location so appropriate
sun safety precautions can be taken.

Your daily UV index can be checked at any time
in any location via this website (see bottom left).

Global advice is to take sun safe precautions
when the UV reaches level 3 or above.

For further information and to understand
Ultraviolet (UV) radiation and our skin,
please click on the diagram (right) to enlarge
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