Sensible exposure to the sun will help the
body produce Vitamin D, but there is a fine
line and too much exposure causes sunburn
and potentially skin cancers.

Vitamin D and UV

The sun makes us feel good and we all need the sun to survive.
Sunlight helps your body produce Vitamin D which is important for
developing and protecting strong and healthy teeth and bones.
We can also get Vitamin D from certain foods including milk, fish,
egg yolks, and fortified cereals.

Exposure to UVB radiation is the most efficient way to boost Vitamin
D supply. Although environmental and personal factors greatly affect
the Vitamin D production in the skin meaning there is no
‘one-size-fits-all’ level of exposure, but what we do know is that
sunburn caused by over exposure to the sun is highly damaging to
our skin.

With skin cancer on the increase, it is very important to strike a
balance. Best estimates suggest that for most people every day
casual exposure to sunlight is enough to produce the required
Vitamin D levels. Research has consistently shown that Vitamin
D can efficiently and sufficiently be produced at doses of UV below
those which, cause reddening of the skin or sunburn. Thus 15 to 20
minutes of unprotected sun exposure, without skin reddening or
burning, per day should be sufficient for most people to produce the
required Vitamin D levels.

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